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Alexander Zabara >>>

Born in Moscow on April 12, 1976.
Graduate from Moscow State art school "In Memory of 1905"
Since 1997 - professionally processed and retouching photos.
Professor of Moscow Academy of Photography.
Participant of the creative group "Punctum".


- Moscow, Academy of Photography - the exhibition "My Hanoi"
- St.Petersburg, Club "El tango: Casa de Buenos-Aires" - the exhibition "In Black"
- St.Petersburg, Studio "El Abrazo" - the exhibition "Tango: lone"
- Moscow, the exhibition "Moscow / Vietnam"
- Moscow, the exhibition within 4 "Milongero Nights" Tango-festival
- Omsk, Art-studio "Fashion House", the exhibition "PrimaTango"
- Moscow, participation in the "Silver Camera" exhibition
- Paris, participation in the project "La Russie vue par les photographes russes"
- Moscow, Cold War Museum - the exhibition "Confrontation"
- Moscow, the exhibition "Tango Lessons"
- Moscow, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, participation in the "Migration" exhibition
- Chicago, participation in the "Chicago MGFest 2009"
- Nijmegen, the exhibition "5 years of tango" within "Doble Ocho-09" Tango-festival
- Sao Paulo, participation in the "FILE Hipersonica 2009"
- Athens, participation in the "Athens Video Art Festival 09"
- Sudak, the exhibition "ango" within "Tango Camp 2009" Tango-festival
- Odessa, the exhibition "ango" within "Tango D'Amore" Tango-festival
- Moscow, the exhibition "ango" within "White Tango festival 2010"
- Moscow, the exhibition within Night of Museums in MUAR
- Moscow, the video installation within a series of milongas in the club "Cherdak"
- Moscow, the video installation "Adios Nonino" within concert of Solo Tango Orquesta
- Kaluga, the exhibition "Forest" and masterclass within Kaluga Festival of Young Art "Festival of Discovery"
- Moscow, Lecture and media-installation "Free Forest Project", Moscow Academy of Photography
- Moscow, Lecture and media-installation "Free Forest Project" within "Art science fest - 2012"
- Helsinki, the exhibition "ango in Black" within "Tango Frostbite Festival - 2012"
- Moscow, Lecture and media-installation "Gwenn ha Du", Moscow Academy of Photography

- Arzon, Bretagne, the exhibition "Moscow: Alone" within "Mois de la Russie" - 2013
- Moscow, Lecture and media-installation "Gorkha", Moscow Academy of Photography

The works of a series of "Tango Color" are presented in the collection Carlos Gardel Museum (Buenos-Aires, Argentina)


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